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After suffering from panic attacks, debilitating anxiety and depression for 17+ years, mental health author and creator, Kelsey Darragh, attended a retreat that changed her life (she hates sounding like that kind of girly). Empowered and panic-free, she spent the year transforming her best-selling book into a magical experience that brings all of the best parts of a retreat (and discards the woo-woo-y appropriation sh*t) to a practical & unconventional retreat designed for people who want to learn methods of treating their own mental health struggles and have a f*ck ton of fun while doing it.

Abstract Gradient

The more we play - the more we explore - the more we grow. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Get ready to get silly as fuck. Abandon all your insecurities in a safe space where you can laugh, cry, raw as hell!

We want you to feel inspired this weekend. Tap into your innate creativity while boosting your self-confidence. embark on a transformative journey that merges artistic inspiration with unwavering self-assurance. And hey, maybe you’l walk away with a cute arts and crafts trinket for your shelf at home!

Maybe you want to join us to getaway and do nothing?!? Thats cool! Put everything aside so we can put ourselves first. You are deserving. Nap when you want, take breaks, find solo moments amongst the gardens...everybody gets to do what they want! but we encourage you to go to as many workshops and classes as you