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Is this a retreat?

yes…and no. Kelsey wanted to make a sort of anti-retreat retreat. In the same way she wrote her best-selling mental health workbook from a perspective of a real anxiety-sufferer, she wanted to create a program that taught attendees useful mental health tools to take back home with them. Kelsey wanted to avoid the sling-shot feeling of attending a wellness retreat in the jungle and then be thrown back into real life without any integration! So, she created a weekend filled with activities…with a bit of special flare. While there will be relaxing, solo moments, this retreat is meant to be a unique and one-of-a-kind magical experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Is travel included in the cost?

While we accept attendees from all over the world, your flight and transportation to the Don’t Panic Retreat location is not included in the price. Use those airline miles, bb! Your job is to get yourself to the location Friday March 22 at check-in time between 11am - 1pm. And head back home Monday March 25th between 9-10 am ! If it helps, we priced the retreat significantly lower than the average 4-day retreat so it would be more accessible for more people!

When is it?

Check-in begins Friday March 22 2024 between 11am - 1pm. 

The program will technically end Sunday evening but an option to stay the night and catch an early morning flight on Monday* is encouraged to get the most out of your energy! Checkout will be between 9-10 am March 25th. Breakfast is provided Monday morning for overnight guests. 

*Day-pass attendees will not arrive back Monday morning, as the program will end Sunday night. 

Whats included in a day pass?

Our day pass ticket was created for LA locals to enjoy every part of the retreat except for overnight sleeping arrangements. It will be your responsibility to drive each day to the house on time and leave in the evening. You will still get all the goodies/amenities a house guests receives! This is an affordable option! 

wtf am I eating?

We will provide luxury and delicious catering from Friday Afternoon to Monday Morning including: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water, and other drinks. All meals will be plant-based. Don’t worry if you’ve never eaten plant-based before - you’re going to love it and feel FULL! 

Is there alcohol?

Nah, we promise you won’t need it or want it! 

Can I bring drugs?

Only the kind you are prescribed by a doctor! 

Do I need to know how to do yoga?

Nope! All levels welcome! Including beginners! While this isn’t a yoga retreat, you will have 1 morning yoga class and optional yin-yoga mini-class each evening. 

Do I have to do everything on the schedule?

No! but, trust us, you’re going to want to do it all! 


Is there an age limit?



Is this an all-girls thing?

no! but we want to note that Don’t Panic Retreat will be led by mostly female-identifying leaders and will create a safe space for our LGBT+ besties! 

Can I come alone or bring my bff or lover?

YES! We love solo travelers and can guarantee you will have a life-changing experience on your own….However, we do have a more affordable rooming option for people who want to share a bed with their friend/lover. HOW COOL TO EXPERIENCE THIS WITH A LOVED ONE?! You’re also saving $$$$ by booking for 2 and sharing a room. 

What should I bring?

Los Angeles in spring is essentially fall weather & cool in the evening. 

  • athleisure wear is highly recommended

  • comfy shoes for optional hiking 

  • reusable water bottle for the weekend

  • toiletries

  • medications 

a journal, sunscreen, bug spray, arts and crafts, and yoga mats will be provided but feel free to bring your own! 


What time do I need to arrive?

check-in begins at 12pm Friday March 22nd. 


What time do I need to leave?

For guests staying overnight, check-out will be March 25, Monday morning, between 9am-11am! You are free to leave earlier if needed, or stay and enjoy Los Angeles for the day before heading home. We recommend flying in/out of LAX or Burbank Airport!  


How many people are going? 

we want to keep this experience as intimate as possible so only 17 spaces will be filled! INCLUDING DAY PASSES!

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