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This retreat is designed exclusively for strong, empowered bb’s who are determined to regulate their nervous systems while embracing their fierce essence, and innate bad bitch nature.

At this unapologetically transformative retreat, you’ll experience 3 days of immersing yourself in healing, tapping into your realest self, and finally finding peace in regulating your nervous system.Don’t Panic Retreat offers all inclusive ✨luxe✨ lodging with a private chef, our own masterclasses on the nervous system, yoga, reiki, breath work, cold plunges, arts and crafts, and all things fun.


The retreat begins on Friday March 22, 2024 Mid-day for check-in’s  and ends the following Monday March 25,2024 AM.


We will be offering a shuttle pass for our out-of-towners, to make access to the retreat one step easier.